NACA is progressing the “regional resource base” initiative to support the regional aquatic animal health programme. The resource base is being identified at three levels; regional resource experts (RRE), regional resource centres (RRC) and regional reference laboratories (RRL).

Listed below are the six Regional Resource Centres (RRC), approved by the 16th NACA Governing Council (21-23rd March 2005). The RRCs will support the regional aquatic animal health program through the following activities:

  • Provision of scientific and technical training for personnel from the region.
  • Provision of diagnostic testing facilities to countries who are members of the regional aquatic animal health initiative and their personnel.
  • Organisation of scientific meetings, training courses and retraining workshops on behalf of NACA.
  • Publication and dissemination of any information in their sphere of competence which may be useful to NACA, AG and countries in the region.
  • Communication of an annual report of activities to the NACA secretariat.

We are keen to expand the activity to include more laboratories as RRCs. NACA welcomes expression of interest from aquatic animal health institutions in the region to participate in this initiative. To know more about this initiative and how to get involved, please contact us (eduardo 'at'

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