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On 28-29 November FAO and NACA collaborated on a virtual workshop to develop a regional strategy for aquatic organism health, using a progressive management pathway for improving aquaculture biosecurity. The workshop was held under the auspices of the project “Responsible use of fisheries and aquaculture resources for sustainable development component 3: Biosecurity and health management”. The workshop involved 31 experts from 16 countries, including national focal points, FAO and NACA. The objectives of the workshop were to: Present and analyse country responses to a self-assessment survey on biosecurity and health management capacity and performance; to provide guuidance to country participants on conducting a SWOT analysis; and to prepare a detailed plan for Phase II of the initiative.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2022 https://enaca.org/?id=1233&title=aquaculture-asia-magazine-july-september-2022

In this issue:

Dynamics of small-scale aquaculture development in India: A review; Green water technology as an essential support to larval rearing of hilsa shad; Collection of freshwater molluscs and sale of meat by women in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India; A success story of ornamental fish farming as a tool for alternative livelihood of tribal women in Keonjhar District, Odisha, India; Recent trends in seed production of stinging catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis, in India; NACA Newsletter.

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A success story of ornamental fish farming as a tool for alternative livelihood of tribal women in Keonjhar District, Odisha, india https://enaca.org/?id=1230&title=a-success-story-of-ornamental-fish-farming-as-a-tool-for-alternative-livelihood-of-tribal-women-in-keonjhar-district%2C-odisha%2C-india

In Odisha, India, ornamental fish farming, culture and seed production are being utilised by self help groups to provide livelihoods for poor people in rural communities. The objective of self help groups is to sustainably increase the income of poor families to bring them above the poverty line. This is being achieved through a process of social mobilisation, training and capacity building, and provision of some necessary facilities. This article documents the evolution of ornamental fish farming by the Pragati Self Help Group in Bhatunia Village.

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Reported Aquatic Animal Diseases in the Asia-Pacific Region during the First Quarter of 2022 https://enaca.org/?id=1220&title=reported-aquatic-animal-diseases-in-the-asia-pacific-region-during-the-first-quarter-of-2022 With the implementation of the new aquatic animal disease reporting in the Asia Pacific region from January 2021, and in lieu of the published QAAD Reports (last issue published was 4th quarter of 2020), NACA is publishing reported aquatic animal diseases submitted by countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  This report covers the fourth quarter of 2021 and the original and updated reports can be accessed from the QAAD page.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2022 https://enaca.org/?id=1218&title=aquaculture-asia-magazine%2C-april-june-2022

In this issue:

  • Ornamental Aquaculture Field School: A new extension approach
  • State of the art of carp spawn production and transportation at Ramsagar, Bankura District, West Bengal, India
  • Seahorse aquaculture: A new paradigm of commercial activity
  • Mixed infections in tropical freshwater fish culture systems: A potential emerging threat for successful aquaculture
  • NACA Newsletter
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Ornamental Aquaculture Field School: A new extension approach https://enaca.org/?id=1214&title=ornamental-aquaculture-fireld-school%3A-a-new-extension-approach

The Farmer Field School approach is promoted by FAO as an alternative technology dissemination mechanism to the top-down extension methods in south-east Asian countries. In order to utilise the potential of the farmer field school approach for aquaculture, ICAR-CIFA has piloted Aquaculture Field Schools (AFS) in several states in India. AFS are schools without walls to improve the decision-making capacity of the farmers and facilitate cross-learning opportunities. It is a participatory extension methodology whereby fish farmers are allowed to choose the methods of aquaculture production through discovery-based approaches. 

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2021 https://enaca.org/?id=1160&title=aquaculture-asia-magazine-april-june-2021

In this issue:

Integrated taxonomy, conservation and sustainable development: Multiple facets of biodiversity; A note on 100th birth anniversary of the late Dr Hiralal Chaudhuri; Aquaculture field schools supporting mangroves for climate change adaptation of Indonesian milkfish-shrimp farmers; An insight to red tilapia breeding and culture: A farmer advisory; Aquaculture for livelihoods and food security in North-western India; NACA Newsletter.

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Integrated taxonomy, conservation and sustainable development: Multiple facets of biodiversity https://enaca.org/?id=1152&title=integrated-taxonomy-conservation-and-sustainable-development-multiple-facets-of-biodiversity

Focussed explorations from the ICAR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (NBFGR), an organisation mandated for cataloguing of genetic resources of India include surveys of various ecosystems ranging from fauna of deep sea to the high-altitude regions of the Himalaya, falling under diverse biogeographic zones and unexplored regions of the country, including North-eastern India, Western Ghats, Lakshadweep and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This article describes the results of these efforts, which include discovery of 14 new fish species and six new distribution records between 2015 to 2020.

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Report of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health https://enaca.org/?id=1147&title=report-of-the-nineteenth-meeting-of-the-asia-regional-advisory-group-on-aquatic-animal-health

This report summarises the proceedings of the 19th meeting of the Advisory Group, held 26-27 November 2020 via video conference. The group's role includes reviewing disease trends and emerging threats in the region, identifying developments in global aquatic disease issues and standards, evaluating the Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Reporting Programme and providing guidance on regional strategies to improve aquatic animal health management.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine, October-December 2020 https://enaca.org/?id=1128&title=aquaculture-asia-magazine-october-december-2020

In this issue:

Framework for participatory linkage of marine ornamentals germplasm conservation to livelihoods: Is community aquaculture an inclusive option? Induced breeding of farm-bred and pond-raised critically endangered peninsular carp, Hypselobarbus pulchellus; A way forward for utilisation of aquatic genetic resources in Asia-Pacific: Synthesis from deliberations during the Regional Workshop on Underutilized Fish and Marine Genetic Resources and their Amelioration 2019; Cast nets: The dominant active fishing gear in the Kashmir Valley; Moyna model of major carp farming in Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal, India; NACA Newsletter.

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