Gender and Aquaculture Seminar: Equity and regional empowerment in the aquaculture value chain

The USAID Maximizing Agricultural Revenue through Knowledge, Enterprise Development, and Trade (MARKET) Project and the Network for Aquaculture Centres in Asia (NACA) are hosting a Gender and Aquaculture Seminar: Equity and Regional Empowerment in the Aquaculture Value Chain on February 24-25 in Bangkok, Thailand. The USAID MARKET Project and NACA have undertaken a year-long research project on women’s roles and influence on selected aquaculture value chains in four countries in Southeast Asia.

The goal of the research was to raise awareness and increase recognition of gender roles, policies and programs in the aquaculture industry in ASEAN in order to support more sustainable and responsible development. The findings and recommendations outlined in the Thematic Studies of Gender in Aquaculture in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam will be presented at the workshop. This is an opportunity for public and private sector stakeholders to share their current activities that support equity and empowerment in the aquaculture value chain.

 NACA will also launch a Regional Network for Gender and Aquaculture Practitioners. The Network will raise awareness of constraints and promote policy recommendations and best practices to employers, donors and governments.

Creative Commons Attribution.