International Fisheries Symposium / Giant Prawn 2023, November, Bangkok

NACA is pleased to announce its partnership in two events that will be held back to back in Bangkok, Thailand:

The International Fisheries Symposium 2023 (IFS) is the annual conference of the ASEAN-Fisheries Education Network, which is comprised of universities offering fisheries and aquaculture programs in the ASEAN region. The symposium is hosted by the Asian Institute of Technology.

IFS 2023 will be held from 22-24 November at the Novotel Bangkok Future Park.

The theme of this year's symposium is Building Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Future Generations. Recognizing the critical importance of responsible and environmentally sound fisheries and aquaculture practices, we will explore cutting-edge research, advancements, and initiatives that contribute to the sustainable management of our oceans and aquatic resources. 

Through engaging discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions, we will collectively address the challenges and opportunities in maintaining healthy fish stocks, conserving biodiversity, and responsible aquaculture for promoting safe food production and sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities.

For further information, please visit the International Fisheries Symposium website:

Giant Prawn 2023, the 6th global meet on giant prawns, will be held from 26-29 November at the same venue. The conference is jointly organized by AIT, Thailand, and Shanghai Ocean University China. A farm tour will be available.

Selected papers presented of GIANT PRAWN 2023 will be published in a special edition of the Open Access Journal, Aquaculture and Fisheries, published by Elsevier.

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