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Dr J.K. Jithendran

My current research interests include fish and shellfish health management particularly in brackishwater ecosystems. I have lead research programmes on disease control in finfish and mud crabs; surveillance and management of fish and shellfish disease in aquaculture; and development of molecular diagnostics and genomic characterisation of betanodavirus causing viral nervous necrosis in marine fish aquaculture in India. I have played a lead role in coordination of a regional proficiency testing programme for six aquatic animal disease laboratories in India in collaboration with NACA and CSIRO (Australia); and in developing diagnostic capability for exotic diseases in fish and shrimp. I am currently engaged in surveillance of disease, particularly of emerging issues in brackishwater aquaculture such as Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in shrimp. I have interests in genomics, molecular characterisation and host-parasite interaction of shrimp microsporidians with special reference to E. hepatopenaei.

Dr Vanvimon Saksmerprome

I have two research foci. The first is RNA-based silencing technology (RNAi) for shrimp disease control. Currently, my group and I have engineered organisms that are considered as ‘‘Generally Regarding As Safe’’ by the US Food and Drug Administration such as microalgae and probiotics for double-stranded RNA production. Another focused research is nucleic acid-based detection for shrimp and fish viruses with improved accuracy and increased sensitivity. I have developed multiplex PCR for convenient differentiation of shrimp specimens with real IHHNV infection, and those with insert types, which are practically used currently.

Mr T. Satish Kumar

My research interests include aquatic animal health epidemiology, disease diagnostics and shrimp larval pathology. Since the early years of my career I have been interested in epidemiological studies on diseases and biostatistics. Presently I am working on active aquatic animal disease surveillance, with special reference to hepatopancreatic microsporidiasis, caused by Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei on the south east coast of India.

Dr K. Ambasankar

I have been working in the area of aquaculture nutrition and feed technology since 1997. The main research areas of interest are nutrient requirement of Brackishwater fish and shrimps. The main focus of our research work is to develop cost effect feed technology for shrimp and fish and the prioritised areas are nutrient requirement of candidate species; feed processing technology; farm made feeds; functional feeds for broodstock and larvae of fish and shrimp; high health feeds; ornamental feeds; feed management and the development and commercialisation of cost-effective feed technologies.

Dr M.S. Shekhar

I have 24 years of research experience in aquaculture biotechnology. My major research interests include the development of molecular diagnostic tests for aquatic health management and the development of DNA markers for genetic characterisation of brackishwater shellfish and finfish. Presently, my research is focussed on exploring candidate genes for economically important traits in brackishwater organisms using biotechnology and bioinformatic tools, whole genome sequencing of shrimp and sequencing of viral shrimp pathogens using NGS techniques.

Dr Mariappan Kumaran

My research interests are pragmatic extension approaches that are better fit for sustainable coastal aquaculture. These include: Collective compliance of good aquaculture practices by small scale farmers through social capital development, public-private partnership for effective aquaculture extension services, application of ICT and mobile phone based solutions for extension service delivery and real-time interaction with end users, climate smart aquaculture and alternative livelihood models for coastal fishers through customised cages in open brackishwaters. I have twenty years’ of research and extension experience in coastal aquaculture. I have worked with NACA on two programmes viz. collective efforts of small scale farmers in aquaculture and the aqua-climate initiative. We have developed and launched "vanamei shrimp app", a mobile application for providing real-time solutions to small scale farmers.

Dr Debasis De

My research interests include the nutrient enrichment of unconventional plant ingredients and replacement of fishmeal; farm-made feeds for brackishwater finfishes and polyculture; and nutrient requirements of brackishwater fish and shellfish species. My research area also includes feed development and culture of hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha), a migratory fish. I have twenty years’ research experience in the field of brackishwater finfish and shellfish nutrition and feed biotechnology. I am a recipient of the Endeavour Research Fellowship of the Australian Government and Nanaji Deshmukh Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research from ICAR, Government of India. I am an Executive Committee member of the Society of Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries in India.

Dr Akshaya Panigrahi

My research interests are to establish the probiotic-induced immunomodulation and identify the immune mechanisms involved in aquatic animals, especially in shrimps, trouts and carps. I have developed technologies related to crustacean breeding and seed production, immunostimulation, and low input sustainable aquaculture systems such as organic and biofloc based farming approaches. I have also worked on development of aquaculture database systems, documentation and evaluation of indigenous technologies and knowledge, and exploration of fish germplasm resources.

I worked as PI and Co-PI in several projects on the diversification of species and system, disease surveillance and adoption of better management practices in shrimp farming. I worked in prestigious Institutions like Scottish Fish Immunology research Centre (UK) and Tokyo (Japan) on Molecular Immunology aspects in Aquaculture in 2011. I served in various capacities including Officer-in-Charge at Research Centres. I have been bestowed with Hirala Choudhari Best Young Scientist Award and IAES Gold Medal for contribution to science and Young scientist grant at International Marine Biotech Association, Newfoundland (Canada). I’m a first ranker in JRF and Agricultural Research Service Exam (ICAR, 1997) in my subject. I have seventy five international and national level peer reviewed journal publications and several technologies to his credit.

Dr C.P. Balasubramanian

My research over the past 25 years has been focused on different aspects of marine crustacean husbandry and management with an emphasis on crustacean reproduction in relation to seed production and farming systems. My work has focussed on seed production of penaeid shrimps Penaeus monodon, P. indicus and mud crabs Scylla spp., their reproductive physiology and production systems. I have standardised and developed hatchery production of mud crab species and developed a model for land based and open water integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems. I have been principal and co-investigator for many projects related to these disciplines.

Dr P.S. Shyne Anand

My research interest includes captive broodstock development and seed production of penaeid shrimp and mud crabs. Recently I am working in seed production aspects of Indian white shrimp P. indicus, Artemia biomass production and its use in shrimp culture. I have ten years work experience in biosecured management of shrimp culture, mud crab culture, sustainable shrimp culture practices such as periphyton-based shrimp culture and biofloc-based farming, polyculture of finfishes with mud crabs and shrimp.