Asian Aquaculture 2018: Celebrating Asian Aquaculture, 3-6 December, Thailand

Asian Aquaculture 2018 is the first major aquaculture conference organised by the Asian Institute of Technology dedicated to the sustained progress of aquaculture in the Asian region, with a better understanding of the systems practiced, highlighting regional needs and constraints, and imbibing the global progress on sustainable intensification of production systems.

The conference will bring together world’s leading expertise in innovative aquaculture, present emerging technological advancements for better husbandry and feeding practices to stem the disease tides in aquaculture, and set the goal for a sustainable enhancement of output from aquaculture relevant to the Asia Pacific region. The event is designed to benefit participants by generating a wealth of information on innovative management practices that can be applied to improve production and profits from aquaculture enterprises.

It also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, academia, governments and administrators in the global industry to witness the success stories in Asian aquaculture and progress in sustainable intensification of aquaculture for enhanced product quality and safety.

The conference will be held at the Asian Institute of Technology Conference Center Hotel in Pathumthani, Thailand, nearby Bangkok. Registration at the discounted rates and abstract submission will end 30 September 2018.

Two pre-conference training programmes are available on Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture and Management of Parasitic Diseases in Aquaculture. A field trip to an integrated shrimp farm in Kakhon Nayok will be held on 6 December. Places are limited so please book early.

For further information, contact the Secretariat at [email protected].


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