The Regional Workshop on Underutilized Fish and Marine Genetic Resources and their Amelioration organised by the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) was organised on July 10-12, 2019, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Council of Agricultural Research and Policy (SLCARP) and National Aquatic Resources Agency (NARA) in Sri Lanka. About 95 participants from thirteen countries of Asia-Pacific region participated in the workshop.

The perspective emerging from this workshop holds immense significance to Asia for two very important reasons: These nations are virtually endowed with diverse genetic resources. Hence, on one side while this genetic diversity between and within species, is an opportunity for diversification and productivity improvement, on the other side the required knowledge generation and technology development for utilisation and conservation is a challenge. The workshop proved an excellent opportunity to take a birds eye view of the current status of aquatic genetic resources utilisation in the region, R&D status of priority species, knowledge gaps and most importantly, to identify the opportunities and capacities that are available.

The perspectives gained will be instrumental in increasing awareness of the importance of underutilised aquatic genetic resources and to formulate strategies for strengthening their sustainable use at the regional level. This event also emphasised the importance of sharing knowledge, resources, and experience for capacity building, developing research programs on areas of common interests, harmonised policy frameworks on the introduction of alien species, checking biopiracy, access-benefit sharing, implementing international treaties, transboundary disease management and common infrastructures wherever possible for conservation, characterisation and evaluation of resources.

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Aquaculture Asia Magazine, October-December 2020

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Framework for participatory linkage of marine ornamentals germplasm conservation to livelihoods: Is community aquaculture an inclusive option? Induced breeding of farm-bred and pond-raised critically endangered peninsular carp, Hypselobarbus pulchellus; A way forward for utilisation of aquatic genetic resources in Asia-Pacific: Synthesis from deliberations during the Regional Workshop on Underutilized Fish and Marine Genetic Resources and their Amelioration 2019; Cast nets: The dominant active fishing gear in the Kashmir Valley; Moyna model of major carp farming in Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal, India; NACA Newsletter.