Videos: Webinar on the history of Artemia activities in Africa

The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in partnership with the International Artemia Aquaculture Consortium hosted a webinar on the History of Artemia in Africa on 4 May 2022. This was necessitated by the fact that Artemia production has been ongoing on the continent for more than four decades, similar to Asia, but without any distinctive levels of success.

World demand for Artemia cysts has continued to increase and annual consumption is now estimated at 3,500 – 4,000 tonnes with Asia being the largest producer and consumer globally while Africa lags behind in both production and utilisation, despite Artemia having been introduced on the two continents at the same time.

Diverse levels of Artemia activities in different African countries were presented, to take stock of where the continent is, explore opportunities and address the various challenges impeding the production and utilisation of Artemia for improved livelihoods and overall aquaculture development in Africa. Video recordings of the presentations and the report of the webinar are available from the consortium website.


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