Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joins NACA

Chiang Mai, Thailand: The 32nd Governing Council today unanimously approved the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s membership of NACA, bringing the total number of member states to 20.

Mr. Tanes Poomtong, Chair of the NACA Governing Council said, “I am delighted to welcome the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the NACA family.”

“Our members believe that Saudi Arabia’s membership will bring substantial benefits to NACA, opening new opportunities for technical exchange and sharing of experience for the mutual benefit of all.”

Dr. Huang Jie, Director General of NACA said “Saudi Arabian membership will bring diversity, new ideas and thinking about how aquaculture can develop under different conditions.”

“The innovative approaches to development in the Kingdom provide are instructive for the transformation of Asian aquaculture and provide a showcase of what should be possible in the region.”

Accepting the letter of confirmation, Dr. Ali Mohammad Alshaikhi, CEO of the National Livestock and Fisheries Development Program, said “Although our aquaculture industry is still relatively small, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspires to become a major producer and is committed to expanding production to meet its 2030 vision.”

“Asia is the heart of global aquaculture production. As a member of NACA, there are many opportunities for us to learn from the other member states, and we are also excited to share our own experience.” 

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