Quick fish sampling for disease diagnostics: Sampling materials guide

Infectious diseases represent one of the major challenges and limitation to sustainable aquaculture. They can have major impacts on animal welfare, livelihood of farmers and threaten the health of captive stocks and wild populations.

Pathogens can spread through movement of live fish, fish products, water and shared equipment. Routine screenings of pathogens in aquatic animal production systems are important to minimize the risk of their introduction, transmission and spread.

On suspicion of a disease during abnormal mortalities, investigation with collection of biological samples from moribund animals must take place rapidly for disease diagnostics. Quality biological sampling is a fundamental requirement for all kinds of disease diagnostic and pathogen screening work.

WorldFish and partners developed this rapid guide on sampling materials required for fish disease diagnostics. It lists all the personal protective equipment, the data collection/recording/cleaning supplies and sampling materials, consumables, reagents, media and tools required. 

A free online course on foundations in fish disease sampling is also available via Learn.ink.


Publisher: WorldFish

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Quick fish sampling for disease diagnostics: Package of practices

Quality biological sampling is a fundamental requirement for all kinds of work on diagnosing diseases and screening for pathogens. Fish sampling requires specific techniques and skills to collect good biological samples for accurate disease diagnosis. This package of practices developed by WorldFish and partners provides advice on fish sampling protocols for routine disease diagnostics and outbreak investigations in tilapia, carp and catfish production systems. These sampling protocols provide guidance and training to project team members, researchers, resident veterinarians, extension officers and farmers tasked with collecting quality biological samples for laboratory diagnosis whenever disease outbreaks occur on farms or hatcheries. A free online introductory course on fish sampling for disease diagnostics is also available via Learn.ink.