Culture-based fisheries

Culture-based fisheries (CBF) are stock enhancement practices to improve the productivity of water bodies that do not have enough natural recruitment to support a capture fishery. The stocked seed usually rely on the natural productivity of the water body as food supply.

CBF is usually conducted in small water bodies, which are often communally managed by local communities, and the where the seed is owned either individually or collectively. CBF practices are therefore a form of aquaculture.

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NACA Newsletter Volume XXII, No. 4, October-December 2007

In this issue:

Lao culture-based fisheries project gets underway. Expert Workshop on Aquaculture Certification, Brazil. Strategies for Development of Asian Reservoir and Lake Fisheries Management. EUS identified as cause of fish kills in Africa. NACA seeks shrimp farm specialists for assignments in Indonesia. FDA detains five species of farm-raised seafood from China. 7th Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture. Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2008. Scientists join fight against frog diseases. Artificial propagation of snow trout Schizothorax zarudnyi by Iranian experts. NACA keynotes three international meetings. Culture, capture conflicts project review, Indonesia. Sign up to the coldwater aquaculture Yahoo! Tech Group. Website publishing and administration training, Vietnam. Aquatic Animal diseases Significant to Asia-Pacific: Identification Field Guide.

Aquaculture Asia Magazine, July-September 2007

In this issue:

Buffaloes in favour of culture-based fisheries in Sri Lanka. Aquafeeds in Myanmar: A change from farm-made to factory-made feeds. Challenging myths about seed quality and potential benfits to the rural poor. Catfish Clarius batrachus production using low cost hatcheries. Cage fish culture and livelihoods in the mid-hill lakes of Pokhara, Nepal. Marine fish hatchery training. Rabbitfish Siganus guttatus breeding and larval rearing. Vietnamese extension manual on culture-based fisheries.

NACA Newsletter Volume XXII, No. 3, July-September 2007

In this issue:

18th NACA Governing Council held in Bali, Indonesia. Strengthening aquatic animal health capacity and biosecurity in ASEAN - final workshop. Aquatic animal pathology master class. Vietnamese extension manual on culture-based fisheries. New project: Culture-based fisheries development in Lao PDR. Guidelines on digital publishing: a practical approach for small organizations with limited resources. Workshop on understanding and applying risk analysis in aquaculture. GISFish: Remote sensing and mapping for aquaculture and inland fisheries. Online encyclopeadia to list 1.8 m known species. DELTA 2007. NACA/FAO partnership working to establish guidelines for certification of farmed fish. Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2007, 5-8 August 2007, Vietnam. Skretting sponsorship & scholarships for the Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network. The eleventh regular session on genetic resources for food and agriculture.

Quy trình nuôi cá hồ chứa nhỏ

Mục tiêu của cuốn sách nhằm cung cấp những chỉ dẫn cơ bản của CBF, một hình thức nuôi cá hiệu quả, đang được quan tâm nhiều ở các vùng nông thôn miền núi châu.

Manual on Application of Molecular Tools in Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Management

This manual provides a comprehensive practical tool for the generation and analysis of genetic data for subsequent application in aquatic resources management in relation to genetic stock identification in inland fisheries and aquaculture. The material only covers general background on genetics in relation to aquaculture and fisheries resource management, the techniques and relevant methods of data analysis that are commonly used to address questions relating to genetic resource characterisation and population genetic analyses.

Better-practice approaches for culture-based fisheries development in Asia

This manual provides guidelines for attaining better practices in culture-based fisheries, an emerging practice in rural areas in the Asian region. It deals with the principles of culture-based fishery practices, primarily based on relatively long-term experiences in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It deals with the gross factors that are applicable to improving fish yields and therefore revenue; and sustaining culture based fisheries as a development activity in the long-term.

NACA Newsletter Volume XXI, No. 2, April-June 2006

In this issue:

NACA Governing Council endorses new work programme, elects Sena De Silva as next Director General. RapiDot Kit - Farmer friendly kit for WSSV detection. Regional mariculture program strengthened. Economics and marketing analysis of the live reef fish food trade in the Asia-Pacific. Workshop on molecular techniques in aquaculture and seafood safety, Mangalore, India. Better-practice approaches for culture-based fisheries development in Asia. High-level Bahrain fisheries deletation visits Iran. First monthly meeting of fish farmers at One-stop Aqua Shop in Punjab Pakistan. Fish breeding training program for farmers of OAS, Kaipara. Provincial workshops on National Fisheries Policy and Strategy Framework held in Punjab and Sindh, Pakistan. Monitoring and evaluating the impacts of aquaculture on the agency and well-being of women. STREAM welcomes AYAD volunteer. Workshop to strengthen aquatic animal health capacity and biosecurity in ASEAN. Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA) 2006 in Bangalore. Aquaculture rehabilitation project launched by Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Policy brief: Development and management of aquaculture-based fisheries enhancements

This policy brief aims to promote better management of aquaculture-based fisheries enhancements (stocking of hatchery fish to improve fisheries) through integrated analysis of enhancement systems and quantitative assessment of management practices through use of the EnhanceFish decision tool.

NACA Newsletter Volume XX, No. 4, October-December 2005

In this issue:

Experts gather to save giant catfish. Workshops on dissemination of better practice models for culture-based fisheries. Dr Chris Baldock, 1947-2005. MAHSEER 2006. MOU signing on conservation of Mahseer in Malaysia and Indonesia. Application of molecular genetics in aquaculture and inland fisheries management. New president of Iran Fisheries Organization. Workshop on the fishery management tool 'EnhanceFish'. Regional Mariculture Development Workshop in China, March 2006. Invitation to apply for position of Director General of NACA. MPEDA expands program on shrimp farmer clubs.

Primary aquatic animal health care in rural, small-scale aquaculture development

This document is the technical proceedings of the Asia Regional Scoping Workshop on “Primary Aquatic Animal Health Care in Rural, Small-scale, Aquaculture Development,” held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 27 - 30 September 1999. The objectives of the workshop were  to review information on socio-economic impacts, risks of disease incursions and health management strategies in rural, small-scale aquaculture and enhanced fisheries programmes; and to identify potential interventions for their better health management and appropriate followup actions.