Dr Joanne Lee, Fisheries Officer

Aquaculture Environment, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation

Email: joanne_oo_lee@afcd.gov.hk


I work on water quality, red tide monitoring and site selection for marine fish culture. My recent focus is on 1) applying hydraulic modelling for determining the carrying capacity of a fish farming site to achieve sustainable mariculture, and 2) developing and applying advanced imaging and hydraulic modelling technology for red tide forecast and management.


  • Lee, J.O.O., Choi, K.W., Chu, J.C.W. and Lee, J.H.W. (2016). A science-based management approach for sustainable mariculture in Hong Kong SAR. In Miao, W. and Lal, K.K., ed. Sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region. Documentation of successful practices, pp 103-109. FAO, NACA, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Pilot project of real-time phytoplankton taxa monitoring system (on-going project).


Contact details

Rm 822, 8/F
Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices
303 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Hong Kong SAR
Mobile: +852 2150 6808
Fax: +852 2152 0383
Email: joanne_oo_lee@afcd.gov.hk