Prof. Fu Hongtuo, Research Scientist

Prof. Fu Hongtuo, Research Scientist

Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

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My research interests are the genetic improvement and culture of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium nipponese.


  • Study on the function and interaction of four sex-related genes in Macrobrachium nipponense. National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  • Genetic improvement and key techniques of breeding in freshwater prawns. National Key R&D Program of China “Blue Granary”.
  • Study on selection technology for new varieties in Macrobrachium nipponense. National “Twelfth Five-Year plan” Supporting Program for Science & Technology of China.
  • Germplasm resources and genetic improvement of Macrobrachium nipponense. China Agriculture Research System “Shrimps and Crabs”.
  • Jiangsu Agricultural Industry Technology System “Macrobrachium nipponense”. Agricultural Industry Technology System of Jiangsu Province.
  • Research and application of selection technology by gene polymerization in Macrobrachium nipponense. Science & Technology Supporting Program of Jiangsu Province.
  • Selection of new varieties of good quality, high yield and stress-resistance in Macrobrachium nipponense. Science & Technology Supporting Program of Jiangsu Province.
  • Creation of excellent new varieties of Macrobrachium nipponense. Creation Program of Excellent New Varieties of Jiangsu Province.
  • Exploitation of germplasm resources and functional genes of Macrobrachium nipponense based on whole genome sequencing. Three Innovations Engineering of Jiangsu Province.


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