Prof. Lichen Peng, Professor

Hainan University



My research interests include the prevention and control of environmental pollution (e.g. microplastics) in offshore waters, cultivation and utilisation of microalgae and phytoremediation of aquaculture wastewater. I started my doctoral degree in 2011 in Ottawa, Canada, and have worked on microalgae since then. I am a reviewer for the Journal of Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, and some Chinese journals.


  • Studies on spatial and temporal distribution of microplastics, the formation and environmental effects of microalgae-microplastics aggregates in Haikou Bay. Fund for Less Developed Regions of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB 350,000, 2018-2021.
  • Studies on the treatment techniques of aquaculture wastewater based on immobilized algal-bacterial symbiosis system. Hainan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholar, RMB 50,000, 2018-2019.
  • Studies on the treatment of aquaculture wastewater based on microalgae and lipid synthesis mechanism. College Young Teachers Fund of Hainan University, RMB 50,000, 2017-2019.
  • Scientific Research Foundation for the D-level Talented Plan Scholars, Hainan University, RMB 500,000, 2017-2022.


  • Peng L., Lan F., Lan C.Q*., Biofuels from microalgae and seaweeds: potentials of industrial scale production. Biomass to Biofuels. 2018. (Book chapter, accepted).
  • Licheng Peng*, Zisheng Zhang*, Christopher Q. Lan*, Ajoy Basak, Nicole Bond, Xiaohui Ding, Jianjie Du, 2017. Alleviation of oxidative stress on Neochloris oleoabundans: effects of bicarbonate and pH. Journal of Applied Phycology, 29(1):143-152.
  • Licheng Peng*, Zisheng Zhang, Peiyao Cheng, Zhaohui Wang, Christopher Q. Lan*, 2016. Cultivation of Neochloris oleoabundans in bubble column photobioreactor with or without localized deoxygenation. Bioresource Technology, 2016, 206: 255-263.
  • Licheng Peng*, Christopher Q. Lan*, Zisheng Zhang*, 2016. Cultivation of freshwater green alga Neochloris oleabundans in unsterile media co-inoculated with protozoa. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 94(3): 439-445.
  • Licheng Peng*, Christopher Q. Lan*, Zisheng Zhang, Cody Sarch, Matt Laporte, 2015. Control of protozoa contamination and lipid accumulation in microalgal Neochloris oleoabundans culture: effects of pH and dissolved inorganic carbon. Bioresource technology, 197: 143-151.
  • Licheng Peng*, Christopher Q. Lan*, Zisheng Zhang, 2013. Evolution, detrimental effects and removal of oxygen in microalga cultures: a Review. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, 32: 982-988.

Contact details

Room 1409, Nongke Building
College of Ecology and Environment
Hainan University
Renmin Rd, Meilan District
Haikou 570228
Hainan Province
Mobile: +86 182 8987 7640