Dr T. Ravisankar, Scientist-In Charge

Dr T. Ravisankar, Scientist-In Charge

Technology Management and Agricultural Business Incubator, ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

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My research interests are economic loss assessment; visioning, policy analysis and impact analysis for fishery technology management aspects. I have twenty seven years’ research experience in fisheries management and the development of entrepreneurship in aquaculture. My expertise is on formulating and executing socio-economic studies on aquaculture development paradigms.


  • Agricultural business incubator 2016-2020 Funded by ICAR-National Agricultural Innovation Fund. USD 171,000.
  • Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme (Up-scaling of existing components i.e. Intellectual Property Rights) 2007-2020. USD 50000.
  • Research on socio-economics, frontline extension and information technology for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture sector 2017-2020. ICAR-CIBA USD 200,000.


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