Dr Prem Kumar, Research Scientist

Dr Prem Kumar, Research Scientist

ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

Email: perem.cife@gmail.com


My research interests include the reproductive biology, endocrinology and captive breeding of brackishwater fish. I have nine years research experience in brackishwater breeding of brackishwater fishes in captivity and their farming in different costal states of India, with hands-on experience in fish hatchery design and operation. I have demonstrated the hatchery operation and farming of different brackishwater fishes such as Asian seabass, milkfish, pearl spot and brackishwater catfish to small and marginal farmers. I am experienced in the establishment and operation of recirculating aquaculture systems for broodstock development and farming of fish and shrimp. I also have experience in the farming of crab and shrimp in box and pond systems, respectively.


  • Evaluation of the reproductive biology, breeding, larval biology and seed production of candidate finfish species for brackishwater aquaculture development (captive breeding and seed production of hilsa and yellow fin bream).
  • Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of dopamine action on final oocyte maturation of goldspot mullet (Liza parsia).
  • Development of economically viable and sustainable brackishwater aquaculture practices with special reference to the Sundarban mangrove biosphere (establishment and demonstration of Mystus gulio and Eutroplus suratensis modular hatchery technology).
  • Development and refinement of finfish culture technologies for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture development (demonstration of cage and pen culture of Lates calcarifer).


Journal articles

  • Prem Kumar, Gouranga Biswas, Tapas Kumar Ghoshal, Muniyandi Kailasam Koyadan Kizhakedath Vijayan. (2018). Embryonic and larval developments of brackish water catfish, Mystus gulio (Hamilton and Buchanan, 1822) induced with human chorionic gonadotropin and consequent larval rearing. Aquaculture Research, Vol. 49(7), pp. 2466-2476.
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Book chapters

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Contact details

Kakdwip Research Centre of ICAR-CIBA
South 24 Parganas 743347
West Bengal
Mobile: +91 7063564479
Fax: +91 3210257030
Email: perem.cife@gmail.com