Dr Rajeev Kumar Singh, Principal Scientist

Dr Rajeev Kumar Singh, Principal Scientist

Fish Conservation Division, National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (ICAR)

Email: rajeevsingh1@yahoo.com


My interests lie in the development of novel genomic resources, quantifying genetic diversity of commercially and conservation important fishes and taxonomic resolution. I work on the development of mitochondrial and microsatellite and protein markers, with molecular tools for seventeen fish species developed to date. I have sequenced, annotated and mapped the  mitochondrial genomes of nine fish species for evolutionary and comparative genomics. I am also interested in stock characterisation of prioritised fish species, with twelve characterised to date using nuclear and mitochondrial markers. The information has application in documenting the status of aquatic genetic resources on India for the FAO global status report.


Post Doctoral Projects (Supervised)

  • Phylogeography and genetic stock structure of olive barb, Puntius sarana sarana (Hamilton, 1822) population using mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers (sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, India) (2014-2016). See Biswal et al. (2018) and Biswal et al. (2017).
  • Assessment of genetic introgression and variation in hatchery bred Indian major carps (Sponsored by University Grants Commission, India).



Development of Molecular Markers

Genetic diversity assessment

New species, distribution or taxonomic resolution

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Fish Conservation Division
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Email: rajeevsingh1@yahoo.com