STREAM Journal Volume 2, No. 4, October-December 2003

In this issue:

  • An experience with group formation in Jabarrah, West Bengal.
    Amar Prasad, Virendra Singh, Binay Sahay and Gautam Dutta
  • Aquaculture self-help groups in rural West Bengal.
    Satyendra Tripathi, Graham Haylor and William Savage
  • Lessons learned for Fulwar Toli from an exposure visit to Jabarrah.
    Bhim Nayak and Rubu Mukherjee
  • Livelihood intervention by Fish Farmers Development Agency - a success story from Mayurbhanj, Orissa.
    G.B. Parida
  • Understanding of assets-based livelihoods through participatory rural appraisal to eliminate hunger.
    Binay Sahay
  • Poverty ranking tools in PRA - experiences of EIRFP in addressing vulnerability.
    Binay Sayah
  • About the STREAM Journal.
  • About STREAM.

This edition is also available in Vietnamese, Khmer, Ilonggo and Oriya.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


STREAM Journal

Learning, conflict management, information and communication technologies, aquatic resources management, legislation, livelihoods, gender, participation, stakeholders, policy and communications. They represent the sorts of issues around which the STREAM Initiative is promoting learning and communication. The STREAM Journal showcases a range of perspectives on issues and contexts from a diversity of views, and documents these voices so that our dialogues can be informed and inclusive. The intention is not to criticise, but to join with colleagues to be helpfully critical.