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Dr M. Makesh

My research priorities include fish immunology and disease diagnostics. I have nineteen years of research and teaching experience in fish health management, including development of immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics for fish and shrimp diseases. My research interests also include study of fish immunoglobulins and other molecules involved in fish immune response; development and use of fish cell lines for isolation and propagation of fish viruses; development of vaccines; and assessment of fish immune response to vaccination.

Dr Shunlong Meng

My research interests include fishery environment protection, ecological aquaculture technology, and quality and safety risk assessment for aquatic products. I have fifteen years’ research experience in fishery environment protection and ecological aquaculture technology, especially in aquaponics technology and recirculating aquaculture systems. I have published more than 100 papers related to these fields.

Mr Gerald Misol

My research interests are genetic diversity and disease diagnostics in aquaculture. I have worked in the area of reproductive biology and aquatic epidemiology of fish and shrimp diseases. Currently, I am involved in the study of the molecular aspects of diseases affecting algae. My previous responsibility involved fish health management in Malaysia as the competent authority, which involved disease surveillance, control and biosecurity. Furthermore, I was directly involved in several national and international projects on cold-chain management in seafood, probiotics in aquaculture, antimicrobial resistance in fisheries, development of national fish health strategy of Malaysia and preventing and managing Tilapia lake virus in Malaysia.

Dr Vindhya Mohindra

My research interests include conservation genetics and genomics in natural populations of fishes. In the course of twenty five years' research experience, I have developed genetic resources to generate the information to be utilised in conservation and management of natural resources of fishes of India. Additionally, I have studied signatures of natural selection and genomic diversity in important freshwater fish species to build genomic resources and to gain knowledge about functional biodiversity. I am also working on deciphering molecular basis of tolerance in fishes for abiotic stresses, like hypoxia, high temperature and high ammonia tolerance. At present, I have over hundred publications with an H-index of 18.

Dr M. Muralidhar

My research interests include the environmental sustainability of brackishwater aquaculture, soil and water quality management, and the impact of climate change on aquaculture and its contribution to global warming potential. I have twenty five years’ of research experience in environmental impact assessment and monitoring of shrimp aquaculture, carrying capacity assessment of water bodies, soil and water quality management issues, greenhouse gas estimation from aquaculture ponds, life cycle analysis of aquaculture systems, adaptations and mitigations for climate resilient aquaculture. I am recipient of International Norman Borlaug and NAIP fellowship and a reviewer of research papers in international journals.