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Dr Vanvimon Saksmerprome

I have two research foci. The first is RNA-based silencing technology (RNAi) for shrimp disease control. Currently, my group and I have engineered organisms that are considered as ‘‘Generally Regarding As Safe’’ by the US Food and Drug Administration such as microalgae and probiotics for double-stranded RNA production. Another focused research is nucleic acid-based detection for shrimp and fish viruses with improved accuracy and increased sensitivity. I have developed multiplex PCR for convenient differentiation of shrimp specimens with real IHHNV infection, and those with insert types, which are practically used currently.

Dr Nguyen Van Sang

My research interests include genetics, breeding and reproduction of aquatic animals. I have twenty years’ experience in quantitative genetics and running selection programs for various traits both for freshwater and marine species in Vietnam and with collaborators worldwide. I am the Chief Editor for the Journal of Mekong Fisheries issued 2-4 times annually by RIA2. I partly join teaching and supervising MSc and PhD students at different universities in Vietnam both in Vietnamese and English programs.

Dr M.S. Shekhar

I have 24 years of research experience in aquaculture biotechnology. My major research interests include the development of molecular diagnostic tests for aquatic health management and the development of DNA markers for genetic characterisation of brackishwater shellfish and finfish. Presently, my research is focussed on exploring candidate genes for economically important traits in brackishwater organisms using biotechnology and bioinformatic tools, whole genome sequencing of shrimp and sequencing of viral shrimp pathogens using NGS techniques.

Dr Rajeev Kumar Singh

My interests lie in the development of novel genomic resources, quantifying genetic diversity of commercially and conservation important fishes and taxonomic resolution. I work on the development of mitochondrial and microsatellite and protein markers, with molecular tools for seventeen fish species developed to date. I have sequenced, annotated and mapped the  mitochondrial genomes of nine fish species for evolutionary and comparative genomics. I am also interested in stock characterisation of prioritised fish species, with twelve characterised to date using nuclear and mitochondrial markers. The information has application in documenting the status of aquatic genetic resources on India for the FAO global status report.

Dr Shengyan Su

My research interests include fish genetics and breeding, statistical genetics and bioinformatics in freshwater fish. I have 10 years research experience in inland fisheries breeding and culture (common carp and tilapia), data management, algorithm and software development, molecular biology, training and education. I have developed three new licensed strains and reviewed many papers in food chemistry for the Journal of Yangzhou University (Agricultural and Life Science Edition), Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica and others.

Dr Krishna Sukumaran

My research interests include the captive breeding and larval rearing of brackishwater finfish species. I have ten years’ research experience in brackishwater finfish broodstock management, captive maturation, reproduction and larval rearing. I have been associated with captive seed production and aquaculture projects of our institute relating to economically important brackishwater finfish species such as pearlspot, grey mullet, Asian seabass and milkfish.

Dr T. Raja Swaminathan

My research interests include development of finfish cell lines, fish virology, fish disease diagnosis and fish disease surveillance. I have twenty years’ research experience in finfish diseases in India and have confirmed three important finfish viruses including Cyprinid herpesvirus-2 (CyHV-2), Tilapia lake virus (TiLV) and Carp edema virus (CEV). I have isolated and maintain CyHV-2 and TiLV. I impart training in advanced techniques in the fields of fish disease diagnosis and fish cell culture to students, faculties and scientists. I also provide consultancy services to fish farmers in the disease management of aquatic animals.