Dr J.K. Jithendran, Principal Scientist

Dr J.K. Jithendran, Principal Scientist

ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

Email: kpjithendran@yahoo.com


My current research interests include fish and shellfish health management particularly in brackishwater ecosystems. I have lead research programmes on disease control in finfish and mud crabs; surveillance and management of fish and shellfish disease in aquaculture; and development of molecular diagnostics and genomic characterisation of betanodavirus causing viral nervous necrosis in marine fish aquaculture in India. I have played a lead role in coordination of a regional proficiency testing programme for six aquatic animal disease laboratories in India in collaboration with NACA and CSIRO (Australia); and in developing diagnostic capability for exotic diseases in fish and shrimp. I am currently engaged in surveillance of disease, particularly of emerging issues in brackishwater aquaculture such as Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in shrimp. I have interests in genomics, molecular characterisation and host-parasite interaction of shrimp microsporidians with special reference to E. hepatopenaei.


Ongoing projects

  • Invertebrate and finfish diseases in brackishwater aquaculture and development of prophylactic and therapeutic strategies - Institute project.
    National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic animal Diseases funded project.
  • Consortia Platform on diagnostics and vaccines.
  • Evaluation of reproductive biology, breeding, larval biology and seed production of candidate finfish species for brackishwater aquaculture development.

Completed projects

  • Defense genes of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with respect to bacteria (Vibrio harveyi) and white spot virus infection.
  • Aquatic animal diseases and intervention tools for their management.
  • Diseases of finfish and shellfish in brackishwater aquaculture: Diagnostics, prophylaxis and therapeutics
  • Scaling up of production system of mud crabs.
  • Investigations on epidemiology of infectious diseases of fish and shellfish and development of diagnostics and prophylactics.
  • Characterisation and development of diagnostics for viral nervous necrosis in seabass (Lates calcarifer) and mullet (Mugil cephalus).


Journal articles and periodicals

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Scientific/teaching reviews: e-publications

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Books and monographs

  • Jithendran, K.P. & Sujeet Kumar (2013). Handbook on Aquafarming-Diseases: Brackishwater Aquaculture. The Marine Products Export Development Authority, Kochi, pp. 128.

Book chapters and articles within proceedings

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