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Dr Vinaya Kumar Katneni

My research interests include fish genetics and breeding, population genetics and fish biotechnology aspects for improvement of brackishwater finfish and shellfish. I have experience in genetic charactersation of shrimp stocks inhabiting the Indian coast. I have notable achievements in shrimp genomics such as building SNP marker-based linkage maps and conducting genome-wide association studies. In recent years, I gained expertise in aquaculture bioinformatics tools and have been involved in conducting differential gene expression studies and building complete genomes of bacteria, virus and shrimp utilising NGS datasets.

Dr Prasanna Kumar Patil

My research interests include research and product development in the area of therapeutics and disease prevention. I have experience in development of immune stimulating agents and vaccines against viral diseases. I am a member in several committees under the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India, and Central Drugs Standards Control Organization under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which help in preparing policy guidelines on regulation and monitoring of aquaculture drugs and importation of exotic species. I am also on the Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

Dr Gavin Partridge

My research focuses on all aspects of marine fish aquaculture including hatchery production, health and nutrition.

Dr Mingchun Ren

My research interests major in fish nutrition and feeding and I have authored over 80 scientific publications and book chapters on this topic. My extension program focuses on improving the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in amino acid and carbohydrate utilization and metabolism among fish species, supported by funding from the National Science Foundation and collaborative research with industry. My research interests also include reducing dietary fishmeal and fish oil levels. Over the last 12 years, I have focussed on replacing fishmeal with cheaper plant proteins in the diet of aquatic animals.

Prof. Xi Bing Wen

My research interests include fish parasite systematics, taxonomy, evolution and control in aquaculture, and the interaction between bacterial pathogens and fish hosts. I have ten years’ research and practical experience in freshwater fish (carps, tilapia, and catfish) disease diagnosis and control. I use traditional morphological and molecular methods to reveal underestimated fish parasite diversity, reveal the response of opportunistic bacterial pathogens to fish host stress, and screen medical plant extracts to control fish disease in aquaculture.

Dr J.K. Jithendran

My current research interests include fish and shellfish health management particularly in brackishwater ecosystems. I have lead research programmes on disease control in finfish and mud crabs; surveillance and management of fish and shellfish disease in aquaculture; and development of molecular diagnostics and genomic characterisation of betanodavirus causing viral nervous necrosis in marine fish aquaculture in India. I have played a lead role in coordination of a regional proficiency testing programme for six aquatic animal disease laboratories in India in collaboration with NACA and CSIRO (Australia); and in developing diagnostic capability for exotic diseases in fish and shrimp. I am currently engaged in surveillance of disease, particularly of emerging issues in brackishwater aquaculture such as Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in shrimp. I have interests in genomics, molecular characterisation and host-parasite interaction of shrimp microsporidians with special reference to E. hepatopenaei.

Dr T. Raja Swaminathan

My research interests include development of finfish cell lines, fish virology, fish disease diagnosis and fish disease surveillance. I have twenty years’ research experience in finfish diseases in India and have confirmed three important finfish viruses including Cyprinid herpesvirus-2 (CyHV-2), Tilapia lake virus (TiLV) and Carp edema virus (CEV). I have isolated and maintain CyHV-2 and TiLV. I impart training in advanced techniques in the fields of fish disease diagnosis and fish cell culture to students, faculties and scientists. I also provide consultancy services to fish farmers in the disease management of aquatic animals.

Mr Aaron Leung Chi Fai

For the past 23 years, I have been undertaking inspection programmes on fish health and disease diagnosis at fish farms in Hong Kong SAR. My focus is to facilitate early detection of fish disease outbreaks and allow primary health strategies to be implemented for controlling the spread of disease. Recently, I have diagnosed more than 600 fish disease cases, including parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases. I also have assisted in practical classes and lectures on Fish Health Management at the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University on disease diagnostic skills. I have collaborated with Hong Kong Baptist University and City University of Hong Kong in fish disease studies.

Dr Teo Chee Loong

My research interests include microalgae cultivation and processing, biodiesel production, astaxanthin production, fermentation, membrane fabrication, photobioreactor, environmental science (ocean acidification), bioactive peptides, pyroligneous acid liquids, pineapple bromelain and management. I hold a PhD in bioprocess engineering holder and am study a further PhD in business administration. I am a reviewer for several journals and R&D director for several companies.

Dr Liming Xu

My research interests include epidemiology and vaccine development for freshwater fish. I have a lot of research experience in fish virus detection, virus phylogenetic analysis, and vaccine development for carp and salmonids viruses.