Dr Teo Chee Loong, Research and Development Director


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My research interests include microalgae cultivation and processing, biodiesel production, astaxanthin production, fermentation, membrane fabrication, photobioreactor, environmental science (ocean acidification), bioactive peptides, pyroligneous acid liquids, pineapple bromelain and management. I hold a PhD in bioprocess engineering holder and am study a further PhD in business administration. I am a reviewer for several journals and R&D director for several companies.


  • High value-added products from green and advanced processing of biomass.
  • Production of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis under light emitting diodes with microwave assisted ionic liquid extraction.
  • LED pulsation cultivation system and one step biodiesel production via simultaneous cooling (cold air) and microwave heating from marine microalgae in large scale.
  • Scientific study to improve the formulation of a topical product with enhanced anti-microbial activities.
  • Investigation of chemical composition and bioactivities of non-fermented and fermented soybean peptides.
  • Cultivation and freeze drying of Spirulina platensis and Haematococcus pluvialis.


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