Dr Akshaya Panigrahi, Principal Scientist

ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

Email: apanigrahi2k@gmail.com


My research interests are to establish the probiotic-induced immunomodulation and identify the immune mechanisms involved in aquatic animals, especially in shrimps, trouts and carps. I have developed technologies related to crustacean breeding and seed production, immunostimulation, and low input sustainable aquaculture systems such as organic and biofloc based farming approaches. I have also worked on development of aquaculture database systems, documentation and evaluation of indigenous technologies and knowledge, and exploration of fish germplasm resources.

I worked as PI and Co-PI in several projects on the diversification of species and system, disease surveillance and adoption of better management practices in shrimp farming. I worked in prestigious Institutions like Scottish Fish Immunology research Centre (UK) and Tokyo (Japan) on Molecular Immunology aspects in Aquaculture in 2011. I served in various capacities including Officer-in-Charge at Research Centres. I have been bestowed with Hirala Choudhari Best Young Scientist Award and IAES Gold Medal for contribution to science and Young scientist grant at International Marine Biotech Association, Newfoundland (Canada). I’m a first ranker in JRF and Agricultural Research Service Exam (ICAR, 1997) in my subject. I have seventy five international and national level peer reviewed journal publications and several technologies to his credit.


  • Healthy shrimp and ‘GIFT’ tilapia production through bio-floc based farming system: Development of technology and standard operating procedure.
  • Upgradation of breeding and culture technology of Indian white shrimp P. indicus through stock evaluation and culture demonstrations.
  • Technology upgradation and refinement for sustainable development of diversified systems and species of penaeid shrimp.

Details of these projects are available from the CIBA ongoing projects webpage.


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