Dr M. Jayanthi, Principal Scientist

ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

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My work focuses on remote sensing and geographic information system applications for sustainable aquaculture particularly site selection, environmental impact assessment and planning for climate change. I joined the Indian Agricultural Research Service in 1993 and started the work on the use of remote sensing data for brackishwater aquaculture development and management. I am a recipient of the Young Scientist Award from the Asian Fisheries Society; the Dr. H. S. Sen Award from the Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research and the Best Paper Award from the College of Fisheries, Toothukudi. My publications include 50 peer reviewed research papers and ten book chapters. I have a Master of Engineering in Agriculture from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, a Doctorate in Civil engineering from Anna University and serve as a reviewer in the journal Estuarine Coast Shelf Science.


  • Delineation of areas for brackishwater aquaculture with reference to environmental conditions and regulations using GIS based multi criteria decision support system.
  • Development of techniques to quantity the impacts scenario between environment and aquaculture using remote sensing and geographic information systems.
  • Mapping of coastal resources and identifying suitable brackishwater areas for integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in Maharashtra.
  • Optimisation of aerators use to reduce production cost of shrimps under different brackishwater farming conditions.
  • Impact of climate change on aquaculture and mitigation options for minimising greenhouse gases from aquaculture sector.


Journal articles

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