Dr Kripal Datt Joshi, Principal Scientist

Fisheries Resource Management, National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (ICAR)

Email: [email protected]


My research interests include exploration of ecology and fisheries in rivers, wetlands and reservoirs, including fish diversity and alien species. I am interested in impact assessment of river-linking and environmental flow issues, sustainable enhancement of fish production in wetlands, Himalayan aquatic ecosystems and fisheries and climate change. I also hold interests in the domestication and breeding of Himalayan fish species, the farming and breeding of rainbow trout, and the extension of fish farming in the Himalayan region.


  • Assessment of fish and fisheries of the Ganga river system for developing suitable conservation and restoration plan.
  • Risk and benefit assessment modelling for exotic fishes.
  • Exploration and assessment of fish diversity of Mid-Himalayan tributaries and wetlands of Ganga river system.


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