• 30th NACA Governing Council Meeting, China.
  • Dr Huang Jie elected as the next Director General of NACA.
  • Expert Consultation on Genetically Responsible Aquaculture.
  • Launch of AGRISI: Aquatic Genetic Resource System of India.
  • Aquatic animal epidemiology training course held at NBFGR.
  • Asia-Pacific Laboratory Proficiency Testing Workshop.
  • Proceedings of the FishAdapt Conference.
  • Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report, July-September 2018.
  • Centex Shrimp International Training Course on Biology and Pathology of Penaeid Shrimp.
  • INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exposition.

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NACA Newsletter

The NACA Newsletter covers research and development news from collaborating research centres and member governments. It published both as a stand-alone publication and as a section in Aquaculture Asia Magazine.