Seaweed India 2021: Virtual exhibition and conference

India’s seaweed sector is an emerging area for the development of rural economy. A growing interest of the government and subsequent announcement of a ‘multi-purpose seaweed park’ in Tamil Nadu will boost the seaweed farming and related industries. India aims to increase seaweed production to 1,150,000 metric tons from the current production levels of 2,500 metric tons in the next five years. 

There is enormous potential for the development of small-scale individual family and community based seaweed cultivation on the one hand and industrial scale commercial seaweed farming on the other along most of India’s 8,000-kilometer-long coastline. Seaweed farming in India will trigger several industries such as food and feed supplements, nutrition, fertilizer, textiles, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

The pandemic has limited the access of individual farmers, experts, and value chain mangers for networking and sharing their learning, knowledge and experiences among stakeholders. In this background, SMART AGRIPOST in collaboration with ICAR-CMFRI and industry associations, is pleased to organize a two-day virtual conference and exhibition, Seaweed India 2021 on 26-27 August 2021, to connect all stakeholders. The webinar will help review and deliberate on the opportunities and challenges in the emerging seaweed sector in India with regard to its various dimensions.

We have tried to use the latest internet and communication technologies to provide a dynamic 3D platform for easy, flawless and closer interactions among the participants. It also promises to offer business networking opportunities that you are used to as part of the physical expo. It uses world-class web-based platform to ensure that exhibitors get to display all their products virtually and speak to the potential buyers through one-on-one audio-video call.


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