Better management practices

Improved management practices to generate better crop outcomes, environmental performance and profitability through improved resource utilisation efficiency.

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Self-use manual on group formation and group certification of small-scale aqua-farmers

This manual is intended for the use by the current and prospective small-scale farmer groups who are interested in obtaining accreditation for their production process. The objective is to provide them an easy-to-follow, stepwise guide that can be used as a practical tool in their venture of attaining group certification. However, this can be used by the field extension officers and certifiers who are directly involved in the process or other interested parties.

Better management practices for grouper culture in Indonesia: A practical manual

This practical manual covers key aspects for successful grouper farming including formation of farmer groups, cage crop planning, crop calendar and better management practices for cage aquaculture of grouper. These include site selection, design, cage preparation, seed selection and stocking practices, feed, water and health management, harvest and post-harvest, record keeping, marketing and capital strengthening. It is designed for use by small-scale farmers.

Better management practices for seaweed farming (Eucheuma and Kappaphycus)

This practical manual "Better management practices for seaweed farming" is produced by the Philippines national team under the ASEAN Foundation supported project "Strengthening capacity of small holder ASEAN aquaculture farmers for competitive and sustainable aquaculture" implemented by NACA in five ASEAN countries. The long-term objective of the project was to assist ASEAN small- scale aquaculture farmers improve their livelihoods by being competitive in markets and improving farm management practices to deliver quality and sustainably produced aquaculture products.

Training Programme on Catfish BMPs and Cluster Management

This is the report of a training programme on better management practices (BMPs) for catfish aquaculture and cluster-based management, which was held at the Faculty of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Can Tho University, Vietnam, 7-8 June 2011. The purpose of the training programme was to build capacity and awareness of selected cluster leaders, lead farmers and provincial extension officers on catfish BMPs, implementation of BMPs, group formation and operation.

Opening ceremony of the National Workshop on Scaling up of Shrimp BMP Programme at the National Level

Opening ceremony of the National Workshop on Scaling up of Shrimp Better Management Practices at the National Level, held in India, July 2011.

BMPs and cluster management: Way forward for small scale farmers to remain competitive and sustainable

Sena De Silva presents on better management practices and cooperatives as a means for small-scale farmers to ramain competitive and sustainable.

Aquaculture certification and market access: Opportunity or bottleneck for small scale farmers?

C.V. Mohan presents on aquaculture certification and market access and the implications for small-scale farmers.

Fair trade certification: Enabling mechanism for small scale farmer groups

Sureel Singh presents on Fair trade as an enabling mechanism for small-scale farmers in India.

Shrimp BMP adoption through cluster management approach in India

G. Rajkumar presents on adoption of better management practices for shrimp farming via small-scale farmer cooperatives in India.

Lessons learned from ACIAR shrimp BMP programmes in Indonesia

Richard Callinan presents on lessons learned in ACIAR's shrimp BMP programmes in Indonesia.