Mixed shrimp-mangrove farming practices: A manual for farmers

This manual has been prepared to assist farmers with techniques for improving yields and farm income in mixed shrimp farming-mangrove forestry farming systems in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. It focuses mainly on simple, common sense techniques that will allow farmers to make step-by-step improvements to production without taking unnecessary risks.

The techniques and recommendations covered in this manual are based on the experience of a 6-year collaborative research and development project between the Governments of Vietnam and Australia. It was supported mainly through the Fisheries Program of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

Assistance in evaluating and refining this manual was provided by extension officers in the southern provinces of Caàn Thô, Bac Lieâu and Caø Mau in Vietnam, and by farmers in shrimp-mangrove farming enterprises in Ngoïc Hieån district of Caø Mau Province. The editors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Nguyeãn Vieät Hoaøng, Leâ Coâng Uaån (farmers), Tieàn Haûi Lyùï (Bac Lieâu Extension Center), Cao Phöông Nam (Caø Mau Department of Science, Technology and Environment), Tröông Hoaøng Minh (Caàn Thô University), Nguyeãn Thò Phöông Lan (SUMA Project), Ñaëng Coâng Böûu (Caø Mau Wetland Forest Research Center), Nguyeãn Vaên Duyeân (Caø Mau Department of Fisheries), Ñoã Vaên Hoaøng (Caø Mau Sub-Institute for Fisheries Research) and Ngoâ Vaên Haûi (Caø Mau Sub-Institute for Fisheries Research).


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


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