STREAM Journal Volume 1, No. 2, April-June 2002

In this issue:

  • Efforts of a farmer in fish seed production for self-employment.
    Ras Behari Baraik and Ashish Kumar
  • Remembering: The missing capacity.
    Terrence Clayton
  • Measuring the process.
    Nick Innes-Taylor
  • Women's fish farmers group in Nawalparasi, Nepal.
    S.K. Pradhan
  • Periphyton-based aquaculture: A sustainable technology for resource-poor farmers.
    M.E. Azim, M.A. Wahab, M.C.J. Verdegem, A.A. van Dam and M.C.M. Beveridge
  • Unlocking information on the internet: STREAM media monitoring and issue tracking.
    Paul Bulcock

 This edition is also available in Ilonggo, Nepali and Vietnamese.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


STREAM Journal

Learning, conflict management, information and communication technologies, aquatic resources management, legislation, livelihoods, gender, participation, stakeholders, policy and communications. They represent the sorts of issues around which the STREAM Initiative is promoting learning and communication. The STREAM Journal showcases a range of perspectives on issues and contexts from a diversity of views, and documents these voices so that our dialogues can be informed and inclusive. The intention is not to criticise, but to join with colleagues to be helpfully critical.