Labeo pangusia: A potential candidate species for diversification of hill aquaculture

Labeo pangusia is a highly prized hill stream carp found mainly in the deeper pools of upland streams. Heavy fishing pressure has led to depletion of wild populations in recent years and the species is likely to become threatened if a conservation strategy is not developed.

The development of captive breeding techniques would open up conservation options for L. pangusia and offer the opportunity to diversify hill aquaculture, but no major attempt has been made to rear the fish in controlled conditions. We report on an investigation into the reproductive biology of this species and on the result of successful induced breeding trials.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2017

In this issue:

Inspiring story of aquaculture in Sikkim - a journey from conservation to farming; farming of scampi and tiger shrimp together - a case study from West Bengal; Labeo pangusia - a candidate for diversification of hill aquaculture; sustainability of an integrated livestock-fish-crop farming system as a small scale enterprise; sustainable coastal aquaculture in India; potential scope and prospects of domestic fish market in Chhattisgarh.