Sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region: Documentation of successful practices

This publication is the major output of a regional programme jointly implemented by FAO and NACA in 2015 to document and disseminate successful practices that contribute to the sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region.

Twelve practices are described that contribute to at least one of the following: Improved production and resource use efficiency (land, water, feed, energy); improved environmental benefits; strengthened economic viability and farmers' resilience; and improved social acceptance and equity.

The practices were selected from 28 proposals across 20 participating states, before being developed into review papers for discussion and validation by a workshop of 30 experts held from 16-18 June 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. The practices described are:

  • Development of an improved common carp strain and its dissemination in China.
  • Genetic improvement and dissemination of rohu (Labeo rohita) in India: Impact and lessons learned.
  • Development and dissemination of specific pathogen-free seed of Penaeus monodon in Thailand.
  • Successful development and dissemination of mass grouper seed production technology in Indonesia.
  • Development and dissemination of low-cost farm-made formulated feed for improved production efficiency in brackishwater polyculture.
  • Increased resilience and empowerment of small aquafarmers through cooperatives in China.
  • Development of bivalve farming as a source of income generation for women's self-help groups in coastal India.
  • Integrated approach to trout farming for productivity enhancement.
  • A science-based management approach for sustainable mariculture in Hong Kong SAR.
  • Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture of fish, bivalves and seaweed in Sanggou Bay.
  • Sustainable milkfish production in marine fish cages through strong government support and effective public-private partnerships: A case study from Panabo city Mariculture Park in Davao del Norte, Philippines.
  • Development and dissemination of closed (semi-closed) intensive shrimp farming system in Thailand.


Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Regional Consultation on the Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture in Asia-Pacific

The objective of the consultation was to develop a regional strategic policy framework to guide national governments and regional organisations in promoting sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region. The consultation also identified priority actions and, where possible, practical measures for their implementation, focussing on intensifying aquaculture through more efficient use of resources and environmentally sound practices rather than by increasing inputs to the system.