Information relating to stock enhancement practices.

Information relating to the aquaculture of crabs, lobsters and other non-shrimp crustaceans.

Information relating to the aquaculture of marine shrimp.

Issues relating to aquaculture of shellfish, cephalopods and other molluscs.

Information relating to the aquaculture and mangroves, seaweeds and aquatic plants.

Information relating to nutrition and feeding in aquaculture.

Information relating to aquaculture of marine finfish.

Aquaculture, livelihoods and social issues in rural communities.

Information relating to inland aquaculture practices.

The Aquatic Animal Health Programme is a programme of research and development in the field of aquatic animal health. Key Activities of the programme include convening the annual meeting of the Asia Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health, coordinating the Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report, bringing regional issues to the attention of global standard setting bodies such as the Office International des Epizooties and facilitating harmonisation in disease diagnostic techniques.