Mr T. Satish Kumar, Scientists

Mr T. Satish Kumar, Scientists

ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

Email: sathishkumart@ciba.res.insat


My research interests include aquatic animal health epidemiology, disease diagnostics and shrimp larval pathology. Since the early years of my career I have been interested in epidemiological studies on diseases and biostatistics. Presently I am working on active aquatic animal disease surveillance, with special reference to hepatopancreatic microsporidiasis, caused by Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei on the south east coast of India.


Projects details are available from the CIBA Ongoing Projects page.

  • Invertebrate and finish diseases in brackish water aquaculture and development of prophylactic and therapeutic strategies.
  • National surveillance programme for Aquatic Animal Health.
  • Development of diagnostics and vaccines for sustainable aquaculture.
  • Poverty alleviation through prevention and future control of the two major socio-economically important diseases in Asian aquaculture.


Journal articles / periodicals

Book chapters and articles within proceedings

  • T. Sathish Kumar, M. Poornima and S.V. Alavandi. (2016). Immunostimulants in Aquaculture. A compendium on Prophylaxis in Aquaculture. K.K. Vijayan, S.K. Otta, M. Makesh, P.K. Patil, M. Poornima (eds). ICAR-CIBA publication. pp. 162– 172.
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