Dr R. Ananda Raja, Scientist

Dr R. Ananda Raja, Scientist

Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division, ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture

Email: dranand@ciba.res.in


I have been working in the Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division of ICAR-CIBA since 2007. I have a rich experience in the epidemiology of shrimp and fish diseases, the pathobiology of vibriosis in shrimp culture, antibiotic residues in shrimp aquaculture, nanotherapy for Vibrio control, the pathobiology of parasitic diseases of fish and shrimp, and have contributed to disease diagnosis, control and prevention in aquaculture. I maintain interests in pathobiology and therapeutics of fish and shrimp diseases. I am an editorial member of BAOJ Aquaculture and  the Journal of Bacteriology and Vaccine Research, and a certified reviewer of Fish and Shellfish Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis.


  • Diseases of finfish and shellfish in brackishwater aquaculture: Diagnostics, prophylaxis and therapeutics.
  • Aquatic animal diseases and intervention tools for their management.
  • Invertebrate and finfish diseases in brackishwater aquaculture and development of prophylactic and therapeutic strategies.
  • Technology development for environmental management in brackishwater aquaculture.
  • Improvement of shrimp production and productivity through quality seed production and diversification to other shrimp species.
  • Improvement of growth and reproductive traits in penaeid (Fenneropenaeus indicus) through breeding, nutritional and environmental interventions.
  • Strategies for sustainable management of degraded coastal land and water for enhancing livelihood security of farming communities.
  • National surveillance programme for aquatic animal diseases.
  • All India Network Project on Fish Health.
  • Development of diagnostics and vaccines for sustainable aquaculture.


Journal articles / periodicals

Books and monographs

  • Ananda Raja, R. and Sujeet Kumar., eds. (2012). Training Manual on Hands on Training on Disease Management and Diagnostics in Brackishwater Aquaculture. Published by the Director, ICAR-CIBA. 156p.
  • Vijayan, K.K., Alavandi, S.V., Jithendran, K.P., Poornima, M., Patil, P.K., Otta, S.K., Ezhil Praveena, P., Ananda Raja, R., Bhuvaneswari, T., Vidya, R. and Sathish Kumar, T. (eds). (2017). Training Manual on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) detection of Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) in shrimp. CIBA TM Series 2017 No. 9, 40p.

Book chapters and articles within proceedings

  • Ananda Raja, R. and Jithendran, K.P. (2015). Aquaculture Disease Diagnosis and Health Management. In: Santhanam, P., Thirunavukkarasu, A.R. and Perumal, P. (eds). Advances in Marine and Brackishwater Aquaculture. pp. 247-255. Springer India.
  • Ananda Raja, R. and Sujeet Kumar. (2014). Advances in Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Aquaculture Research. In: Sundaray, J.K., Munilkumar, S., Mohanty, R.K. and Otta, S.K. (eds). Frontiers in Aquaculture Research. Narendra Publishing House, Delhi. pp. 195-204.
  • Patil, P.K., Alavandi, S.V., Otta, S.K., Satheesha, A. and Ananda Raja, R. (2016). Proceedings of the workshop on “Responsible use of Antimicrobials in Indian Aquaculture: Opportunities and Challenges”. 7th Dec 2016, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. pp. 48. CIBA special publication No. 83.

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