Update: 2022 Global Forum on Sustainable Development of Fisheries to be held on 13 December

Scan for the registration form / click to download programme.
Scan for the registration form / click to download programme.

Update: The forum will now be held on 13 December and and updated conference agenda is available below. Please register your attendance using the form linked below. A Zoom link will be sent to all registered participants before the meeting, thank you.

The Agriculture Trade Promotion Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, and NACA, will convene the 2022 Global Forum on Sustainable Development of Fisheries via Zoom for international participants, and on site for Chinese participants. The conference will be held on 13 December.

This conference aims to strengthen international exchange and cooperation in aquatic trade, promote high-quality development of fisheries, disseminate advanced concepts, technologies, and models of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region and Silk Road countries, and promote the health and sustainable development of global fisheries.

The forum will be held in a physical and virtual hybrid format. Please download the conference manual and register below.

Conference theme

Green development, cooperation, revitalisation, and sharing.


  • Sustainable Aquaculture Development for Indonesian Economic Recovery and Transformation.
  • Deep Blue Fishery Sciences and Technologies
  • Aquaculture Transformation: Innovations and Investment for Sustainable Intensification and Expansion of Aquaculture in Asia and the Pacific Region.
  • One Community Promoting Aquaculture Transformation.
  • Improvement Strategies and Approaches of Aquatic Genetics.
  • Aquaculture Research and Development in Australia.
  • Progress in the Bioprocessing of Aquatic Products.
  • Aquaculture in New Zealand: Present Practices. Current Challenges and Anticipated Developments.
  • Germplasm Conservation and Aquaculture of Economic Kelp.
  • Aquaculture Development in Norway.
  • Development Trends and Prospects of China's Aquatic Products Trade.
  • Innovation of Deep-Sea Aquaculture Model.
  • Innovation in the Value Chain of the Aquatic Industry—Taking Prepared Dishes as an Example.
  • Introduction on the Innovation and Development of Aquatic Breeding at HAID GROUP.

Online registration

Participation is free but registration is required:


Should you have any question, please email Dr Guan Lisha or Ms. Shang Fei: ice@ysfri.ac.cn

Conference manual

Please download the conference manual linked below for details of the programme.


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