Global Seafood Trade Fair 28-30 June, Guangzhou, China

In June, China will open its doors to the world through the Global Seafood Fair. With over 50,000 visitors and a strong buyer presence, the fair is an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products.

The event will feature over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 10,000 products for buyers to choose from. Attendees can also participate in several industry-focused events, including the Global Shrimp Industry Development Summit Forum, the Overseas Seafood Products Digital Trade Forum, the Tilapia Industry Chain Summit, and the China Aquatic Prepared Dishes Development Summit.

In addition to aquatic products, the fair will also showcase aquaculture technology and equipment, feed, medicine, oceangoing fishing tools and equipment, processing and packaging equipment, cold chain storage and transportation, and trade services.

China is the largest producer and consumer of fish products globally. The fair is a world-class event, jointly built by Liangzhilong and China Food Trade Fair, and an essential platform for seafood enterprises to expand their customer base.

The Canton Fair Complex (Area D) in Guangzhou, China, will be the venue for the fair. The fair is being organized by Wuhan Shihedao Network Technology Co., Ltd. and hosted by the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance and the China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce.

For further details, please refer to the information sheet linked below.


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