Proceedings of the Conference on Aquaculture in the Third Millennium

These technical proceedings represent the most comprehensive and authoritative review of the status of aquaculture development in the world assembled to date. This volume, the third major publication arising from the Conference on Aquaculture in the Third Millennium, contains the information essential to conduct well-informed discussion of sustainable aquaculture development - both at the Conference, as well as after. The information provide basic reference points on the progress, direction and magnitude of aquaculture changes, and the factors associated with these changes, within global, regional, sectoral, thematic and technical perspectives. As a collective, these offer a holistic view, thorough analyses and multi-dimensional perspectives on the progress of aquaculture, upon which stakeholders can base decisions for future development requirements. Together, they provide a useful reference for anyone with an interest or stake in aquaculture development.

The proceedings are also available as a zipped HTML document (20 MB).


Publisher: NACA and FAO

Rights: Copyright, all rights reserved.


Workshop and conference proceedings

NACA frequently organises technical workshops and consultations on aspects of aquaculture. The proceedings of such meetings are made available for free download. Audio and video recordings of technical presentations are also available for some meetings (please see the podcast section).