Strengthening Aquatic Animal Health Capacity and Biosecurity in ASEAN

This final report of the project “Strengthening Aquatic Animal Health Capacity and Biosecurity in ASEAN” (AADCP:RPS 370-021) contains two parts: A. Recommended Minimum Operational Requirements for Implementing National Aquatic Animal Health Strategies within ASEAN and B. ASEAN progress in the implementation of National Aquatic Animal Health Strategies.

Part A of this document is the result of the working group discussions during the Second Policy Workshop of the project held in Bali-Indonesia from 7-10 May 2007. This section identifies the minimum operational requirements for implementing national aquatic animal health strategies within ASEAN.

Part B of this document is a compilation of the information on the status of implementation of various elements contained in national aquatic animal health strategies within ASEAN. As a part of the project activity, information was submitted by project participants and collated by NACA Secretariat.

The purpose of this document is twofold. Firstly, it provides guidance for countries in ASEAN to implement key elements of national aquatic animal health strategies. Secondly, the compiled status report can be used as a basis for monitoring the progress of national strategy implementation in ASEAN member countries.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


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