The ASEAN Regional Technical Consultation on Aquatic Emergency Preparedness and Response Systems for Effective Management of Transboundary Disease Outbreaks in Southeast Asia was held from 20-22 August 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The consultation discussed the status of and/or need for aquatic emergency preparedness and response systems for effective management of transboundary disease outbreaks in Southeast Asia. Issues were addressed through country reports, technical presentations and a workshop. The current status of aquatic EPRS as currently being practiced by the different countries in the Southeast Asian region was assessed from the country reports. The workshop reviewed existing laws, legislation and standard operating procedures pertinent to aquatic EPRS of each member country, identified gaps, policy recommendations and priority areas for R&D collaboration with an aim to enhance the cooperation among member countries, regional/international organisations and other relevant stakeholders on initiatives that support aquatic EPRS for effective management of aquatic animal disease outbreaks.

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Workshop and conference proceedings

NACA frequently organises technical workshops and consultations on aspects of aquaculture. The proceedings of such meetings are made available for free download. Audio and video recordings of technical presentations are also available for some meetings (please see the podcast section).