NACA Newsletter Volume XVII, No. 1, January-March 2002

  • Governing Council 13 / AFBiS Seminar.
  • US Consultation sets work agenda for the WB-NACA-WWF-FAO.
  • Consortium on Shrimp Farming and the Environment.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations of the Joint meeting of AFBiS 2002 and the 13th NACA Governing Council.
  • FAO/NACA Expert Consultation Focusing on Aquaculture and Small-scale Aquatic Resource Management for Poverty Alleviation.
  • Myanmar Fishery and Livestock Fair 2002 a huge success.
  • Nepal develops national strategy on aquatic animal health management.
  • Shrimp Farming & the Environment Case Studies now available on the web.
  • NACA implements APEC project on Import Risk Analysis.
  • MOU on project to prevent disease losses on prawn farms.
  • Andhra Pradesh Fisheries Minister studies Thai & Malaysian aquaculture systems.
  • Vietnamese mission evaluates new high value Chinese species.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


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