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Dr R. Ananda Raja

I have been working in the Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division of ICAR-CIBA since 2007. I have a rich experience in the epidemiology of shrimp and fish diseases, the pathobiology of vibriosis in shrimp culture, antibiotic residues in shrimp aquaculture, nanotherapy for Vibrio control, the pathobiology of parasitic diseases of fish and shrimp, and have contributed to disease diagnosis, control and prevention in aquaculture. I maintain interests in pathobiology and therapeutics of fish and shrimp diseases. I am an editorial member of BAOJ Aquaculture and  the Journal of Bacteriology and Vaccine Research, and a certified reviewer of Fish and Shellfish Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis.

Dr Saraswathy Ramamoorthy

My research interests focus on management of soil and water quality in the shrimp pond environment to achieve sustainable production. Nutrient dynamics and budgeting using tracer studies, application of nanotechnology, rejuvenating disused aquaculture ponds, mitigation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and management of pond health in bio-floc systems are some areas of my work. I have 15 years of experience in soil and water chemistry of aquaculture ponds. My current research areas are the sediment-water interface as a pond health indicator; influence of abiotic factors on the physiology of shrimp; adaptation of shrimp to varying salinities; dynamics of water quality in lined ponds, integrated aqua-agri model and farmer’s livelihood improvement projects.

Dr T. Ravisankar

My research interests are economic loss assessment; visioning, policy analysis and impact analysis for fishery technology management aspects. I have twenty seven years’ research experience in fisheries management and the development of entrepreneurship in aquaculture. My expertise is on formulating and executing socio-economic studies on aquaculture development paradigms.

Dr Mingchun Ren

My research interests major in fish nutrition and feeding and I have authored over 80 scientific publications and book chapters on this topic. My extension program focuses on improving the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in amino acid and carbohydrate utilization and metabolism among fish species, supported by funding from the National Science Foundation and collaborative research with industry. My research interests also include reducing dietary fishmeal and fish oil levels. Over the last 12 years, I have focussed on replacing fishmeal with cheaper plant proteins in the diet of aquatic animals.