Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2003


  • Update on eNACA.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Peri-urban aquaculture in Kolkata.
  • A case of informal shrimp farmers association and its role in sustainable shrimp farming in Tamil Nadu, India.
    M. Kumaran, N. Kalaimani, K. Ponnusamy, V.S. Chandrasekaran and D. Deboral Vimala
  • Diffusion and adoption of shrimp farming technologies.
    M. Kumaran, K. Ponnusamy and N. Kalaimani
  • Farmers as Scientists: Aquaculture education in India - opportunities for global partnership.
    M.C. Nandeesha
  • Information system of fish germplasm resources in China.
    Yang Ningsheng, Ge Chansui, Ouyang Haiying and Yuan Yongming
  • Chinese language column: Status and development needs of freshwater crustacean aquaculture in China.
    Xu Pao

Research and Farming Techniques

  • Aquaculture fundamentals: Getting the most out of your feed Part II: The role of macronutrients.
    Simon Wilkinson
  • Fish breeding in captivity - some innovative adaptations of technology by Bengal farmers.
    N.R. Chattopadhyay
  • Scientific guidelines for farmers engaged in freshwater prawn farming in India.
    Vishal Saxena

Marine Finfish Section

  • News and publications.
  • Status and development of mariculture in Indonesia.
    Ketut Sugama

Aquatic Animal Health

  • Use of probiotics in larval rearing of new candidate species.
    Rehana Abidi
  • Advice on aquatic animal health care: Problems in shrimp culture during the wet season (Thai/English languages).
    Pornlerd Chanratchakool

What's New in Aquaculture

  • What's new on the web.
  • Aquaculture Calendar.
  • News.


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