Aquaculture Asia Magazine, October-December 2006


  • Molecular tools in aquaculture...coming to a website near you
    Simon Wilkinson

People in aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Recent developments in Chinese inland aquaculture

Research and farming techniques

  • Reducing feed costs in aquaculture: Is the use of mixed feeding schedules the answer for semi-intensive practices?
    Sena S. De Silva
  • Seed production technology of ornamental gouramis Colisa fasciata and C. lalia under captive conditions - an experience in Assam, India
    S.K. Das and N. Kalita

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network Magazine

  • Second Workshop on Economics and Marketing of Live Reef Fish in the Asia-Pacific held at the WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia
    Brian Johnston
  • Marine finfish market information and aquaculture development trends in selected locations in Indonesia and Malaysia
    Sih Yang Sim
  • Brief overview of the 2nd International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia
  • Skretting scholars take new knowledge home after NACA hatchery course
    Graham Look
  • Market analysis of the live reef food fish trade
    E. Petersen, G. Muldoon and W. Johnston


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