Report of the Symposium on Coldwater Fishes of the Trans-Himalayan Region

The Symposium on Coldwater fishes of the Trans-Himalayan Region (the Kathmandu Symposium on Coldwater fishes) was held on 10-13 July 2001, in Kathmandu Nepal for the purpose of developing a strategy for over all development of coldwater fishes in the region. It was in tandem with the Bangkok conference on Aquaculture in the 3rd millennium. It was attended by 70 participants representing all stakeholder groups in fisheries conservation and development. Participants came from 10 countries of the Trans-Himalayan Region and neighbors including several national, regional and international organisations. Eight-country status papers three resource paper and 21 research papers were presented in the Symposium.

The Kathmandu Symposium on the coldwater fishes made pertinent recommendations covering three major themes: (1) distribution and conservation of coldwater fishes; (2) role of coldwater fishes in rural development and poverty alleviation; and (3) coldwater fisheries and aquaculture development.

The Symposium recommended regional cooperation among countries of the Trans-Himalayan region be strengthened for effective sharing and exchange of skills, experiences and technical cooperation. To support this regional cooperation, the symposium recommended a network for development and conservation of coldwater fisheries be established among concerned nations in the Trans-Himalayan region, coordinated by a center located in a suitable country within the region. International support was also requested for this important regional initiative.

This report of the Kathmandu Symposium on coldwater fisheries includes the detailed recommendations of the three working groups. The technical proceedings of the symposium are available for download separately.

The Kathmandu Symposium was jointly organized by Directorate of Fisheries Development, Ministry of Agriculture and co-operatives, His Majesty's Government Nepal, Nepal Agriculture Research Council, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific in co-sponsorship with Nepal Fisheries Society, The World Conservation Union and World Wildlife Fund. It was hosted by the His Majesty's Government of Nepal. It was held at the Hotel Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu.


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