Video lectures: Regional Training Course on Culture-based Fisheries in Inland Waters

This collection contains video recordings of the lectures from the Regional Training Course on Culture-based Fisheries in Inland Waters, held at Nha Trang University, Vietnam, from 30 October to 8 November 2017. The objective of the course was to provide participants with the skills to assist local communities to plan and manage culture-based fisheries.

There are many initiatives underway which are designed to increase food supply, employment and income opportunities in developing countries, most of which require considerable capital inputs. Often overlooked, are the opportunities to produce more food from the natural productivity of local ecosystems. Culture-based fisheries are a relatively simple and low cost technology that can deliver nutritional and economic benefits to rural communities, which often have few livelihood options.

The course was sponsored by the United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme (UNU-FTP).


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In this collection

Harvesting and marketing strategies in culture-based fisheries

A discussion of harvesting and marketing strategies to improve economic returns in culture-based fisheries.

Strategies to improve survival of newly stocked seed

A presentation strategies to improve the survival rate of seed in culture-based fisheries.

Stock assessment and practical procedures

A discussion of practical measures for stock assessment.

Bioenergetic modelling: Cases of mitten crab and mandarin fish stocking in culture-based fisheries

Use of bioenergetic modelling to calculate stocking densities for mitten crab and mandarin fish in culture-based fisheries.

Fish stock dynamics

Presentation on the assessment of fish stock dynamics in a culture-based fisheries context.

Stocking calendar, size, density and transport of seed

Better management practices for stocking and transport of seed for culture-based fisheries.

Constraints to the sustainability of culture-based fisheries

A discussion of issues affecting the sustainability of culture-based fisheries development.

Risks associated with culture-based fisheries and their management

A discussion of risk management in the context of culture-based fisheries.

Gender mainstreaming in culture-based fisheries

A presentation on mainstreaming gender issues in culture-based fisheries development.

Entrepreneurship plan prepared for the development of culture-based fisheries in Ellewewa reservoir, Sri Lanka

How an entrepreneurship plan facilitated the development of culture-based Fisheries in a Sri Lankan reservoir.