Aquaculture Asia Magazine, January-March 2002


  • A residual issue.
    Simon Wilkinson.

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Some thoughts on integrated farming in China.
  • The trade in live reef foodfish: a Hongkong perspective.
    Frazer McGilvray and Thierry T.C. Chan.
  • Threading the STREAM components.
    Graham Haylor.
  • Organising and operating a regional federation of aquaculture producers.
    Courtney Hough.
  • Enhancing access to, and meeting market requirements for aquaculture products.
    Bienvenido Rola.
  • Big business, barnacles and barra boofing.
    Heather King.

Aquatic animal health

  • Chloramphenicol concerns in shrimp culture.
    Amornchai Somjetlerdcharoen.

Research and farming techniques

  • Freshwater pearl culture and production in China.
    Hua Dan and Gu Ruobo.
  • Freshwater prawn culture in China: an overview.
    Miao Weimin and Ge Xianping.
  • Genes and fish.
    Graham Mair.
  • Farmers as scientists.
    M.C. Nandeesha.
  • Status of common carp varieties under culture in China.
    Zhu Jian.
  • Marine finfish section
  • Induced spawning of Pangasius sutchi with pituitary extract.
    N.R. Chattopadhyay, B. Mazumder and B. Mazumdar.
  • Aquaculture and fisheries technology news from China.

What's new in Aquaculture

  • Book reviews News, training.
  • Aquaculture calendar.
  • What's new on the web.


Publisher: Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution.


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