Aquaculture Asia Magazine, April-June 2002


  • More on eNACA.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Prawn farm energy audits and five star ratings.
    Eric Peterson
  • Development of freshwater fish farming and poverty alleviation: A case study from Bangladesh.
    Gertjan de Graaf and Abdul Latif
  • Conservation of endangered fish stocks through artificial propagation and larval rearing technique in West Bengal, India.
    M. Mijkherjee, Aloke Praharaj and Sharmik Das
  • Genes and Fish: Supply of good quality fish seed for sustainable aquaculture.
    Graham Mair
  • Farmers as Scientists: Sewage-fed aquaculture systems of Kolkata: A century old innovation of farmers.
    M.C. Nandeesha
  • When policy makers begin hearing voices.
    Graham Haylor
  • Fish farming in rice environments of north eastern India.
    D.N. Das
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Aquaculture for poverty alleviation and food security.

Research and Farming Techniques

  • Aquaculture Fundamentals: The use of lime, gypsum, alum and potassium permanganate in water quality management.
    Simon Wilkinson
  • The utilizations of heterosis in common carp in China.
    Dong Z.J. and Yuan X.H.
  • Progress of fish gene technology research in China.
    Zhang Yue and Zhu Xinping
  • Seed production of Magur¬†Clarias batrachus¬†using a rural model portable hatchery in Assam, India ? A farmer proven technology.
    S.K. Das
  • Domestication of tiger prawn gets the thumbs up.
  • Marine finfish section.
  • A regional approach to assessing organic waste production by low salinity shrimp farms.
    Brian Szuster and Mark Flaherty

Aquatic Animal Health

  • Advice on Aquatic Animal Health Care: Visit to intensive vannemei farms in Peru.
    Pornlerd Chanratchakool

What's new in aquaculture

  • Aquaculture calendar.
  • What's New on the Web.
  • News, books and training.


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