Aquaculture Asia Magazine, October-December 2003


  • Shrimp anti-dumping dispute escalates.
    Simon Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium nobilii a promising candidate for rural nutrition.
    P. Mariappan, P. Balamurugan and Chellam Balasundaram
  • Snapshots of a clean, innovative, socially responsible fish farm in Sri Lanka.
    Pedro Bueno
  • Introduction of rainbow trout Onchorynchus mykiss in Nepal: Constraints and prospects.
    Tek Bahadur Gurung and Sadhu Ram Basnet
  • Tilapia seed production in Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Vietnam.
    H.P.V. Huy, A. MacNiven, N.V. Tu, Ram C. Bhujel and David C. Little
  • Seaweed Mariculture: Scope And Potential In India.
    Sajid I. Khan and S. B. Satam

Research and Farming Techniques

  • Growth enhancement of carp and prawn through dietary sodium chloride supplementation.
    P. Keshavanath, B. Gangadhara and Savitha Khadri
  • Fertilisation, soil and water quality management in small-scale ponds.
    S. Adhikari
  • Shrimp harvesting technology on the south west coast of Bangladesh.
    S.M. Nazmul Alam, Michael J. Phillips and C.K. Lin
  • Farmers as Scientists: The 'Gher Revolution'.
    M.C. Nandeesha
  • Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: Aquaculture Compendium: Case study component.
  • Rice-Fish Culture in China.
    Fang Xiuzhen

Aquatic Animal Health

  • Exercising responsibilities to tackle aquatic animal diseases.
    C.V. Mohan
  • Application of immunostimulants in larviculture: Feasibility and challenges.
    Zhou Jin

Marine Finfish Section

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